3 Tech Habits of Highly Effective Service Businesses

3 Tech Habits of Highly Effective Service Businesses

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While all businesses have a need to be both efficient and effective, when you run a business where your customer service is a big part of the company, this is even more critical. When retail business was primarily run in the physical world of brick and mortar stores, the retail customer service was often simply a store clerk. Today with the advent of the web they are just as likely to be someone at a computer and perhaps not even in the same country.

But regardless of where they are and how they interact with a customer, they will need to have training to create some good tech habits while talking with customers and solving problems. Some will have the help of software that gives them plenty of information at their fingertips, such as the Provance software that handles IT customer service modules. But regardless of the software your customer service people use, they will want to have these three tech habits as part of their daily routine.

Bringing in the Expertise

Many times, you will find that a problem will crop up, either through your customer service department directly or on a social media platform, the requires expertise help. This may be a problem with a technical aspect of a product that requires one of your engineers to address the problem. It may mean that one of your company experts for that particular product needs to be on call for customer service problems 24/7.

Having a rotating list of these product specialist that either customer service can contact or that your social media platform can alert will make this easier. Don’t wait for that expertise to be rolled in after the problem has escalated, handle it initially so that your customer knows that they are important to you.

Develop Apps to Solve Problems

Not every problem can be addressed through an application, but many can certainly start there. If you are developing a new product, be sure to include the development of an app that can be used by customers to find solutions to common problems. It might be as simple as a user guide in an app that helps customers find the right switch to hit or the right setting to create on their product.

By eliminating the need to call customer service in the first place you will decrease the load on your customer service department, identify simple solutions to possible customer problems and create goodwill with your customers. Best of all, you become part of the solution instead of the problem and they have that solution no matter where they go. A truly modern tech solution to the old problem of helping customers with Frequently Asked Questions.

Deliver Before They Ask

If you have a record of your customers and how they like to be reached, you can then send them a solution to a problem before they even ask. This solution, often called a push delivery, is being used more and more by customer forward businesses to tackle tech solutions before their customers even get a chance to complain.

When companies push out to their customers a solution to a product problem, they are seen as having their customer in mind at all times. With the shift towards price comparison online it is now the ability to resolve customer problems proactively that is moving smaller companies into the limelight as top providers.

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