A Guide to Finding Your First E-Cigarette

A Guide to Finding Your First E-Cigarette

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Social scenes and social habits go hand in hand. When combined, they create a distinct, unbeatable atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back. You can’t think of the clubs and parties of the Jazz Age without thinking of Fitzgerald-esque Flappers and Philosophers knocking back liquor. The concerts and protests that characterised the Swinging Sixties immediately conjure images of hallucinogens and marijuana smoke. Today, the social scene has changed again, and accompanying this cultural shift has been the rise of vaping and, along with it, the e-cigarette. This is a quick guide to vaping, e-cig culture, what an e-cigarette is, and some tips and tricks when it comes to selecting your first model.

An Intro to Vaping

Vaping is the process by which e-liquid is turned into vapour and smoked. Different vape fluids are made from different materials and, in turn, have different consistencies and tastes, making each time you vape a fresh, new experience. This stands in stark contrast to Big Tobacco. Vaping is generally seen today as an alternative to the tobacco industry, a role the vape community has been very eager to embrace. There is some evidence to suggest that vaping can be healthier long-term than smoking tobacco, which makes vaping a better choice in this health-conscious era when the dangers of tobacco are well-known.

While there are only so many ways that tobacco companies can package familiar tobacco recipes in even more familiar cigarettes, vape fluids are truly different from bottle to bottle. Also, whereas international conglomerates manufacture nearly all tobacco products today, vape fluids are predominantly produced by small businesses. Vaping has thus taken off over the course of the past decade to become the signature substance of the millennial generation, in large part because it aligns so well with the ethos of today’s crowd.

Buying Your First E-Cigarette

So, you’ve decided to make the leap, join the vape revolution, and buy your first e-cigarette. There are a few terms of which you’ll need to be aware. To begin with, that “e” in “e-cigarette” of course stands for “electronic,” which implies that a battery is used. While there is a whole range of battery options, when first starting out, you’re going to want to go with something standard option, such as an eGo 900mAh, which is a high-capacity, highly-stable, safely rechargeable battery. It is composed of lithium, one of the leading materials in battery construction, and it is a good solid choice for starter e-cigarettes. From there, you’ll want to look at other features such as the overall aesthetic and finish of the model, as well as cartridges known as “cartomisers,” which actually hold the vape fluid.


A good starter e-cigarette that includes the best of all these features is the X2. This model not only comes standard with the aforementioned lithium-based eGo 900mah battery, but it likewise boasts an improved cartomiser known as a “clearomiser,” which has a higher storage capacity than your standard cartomiser and translates into longer-lasting vape sessions. In addition, they are also cylindrical in shape, making them easy to load into the e-cigarette.

Find an e-cigarette that suits your individual needs and tastes today. 

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