A New Way to Think About Business Tools

A New Way to Think About Business Tools

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We know that all businesses need tools to get the job done right. It can be a simple thing like having the right kind of calculator if you are in the accounting business or having the latest in Dynamics CRM software if you are a project manager. Whatever you need, the right tool will help to get the job done right. But today’s businesses have evolved into such a very different animal that sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest tools we have at our disposal. If it is software you think you might need, there are business software distributors like the folks at AlfaPeople who can walk you through the latest and greatest software designed to help businesses be more productive.

But beyond the basic office software, there are an almost limitless number of great tools for everyone in your staff. From salespeople trying to get to that meeting on time through mid-town traffic to helping your marketing department get a handle on social media, we have some great suggestions.

Navigating the City

One of the bigger hurdles for many sales staff is simply getting to a client for a business meeting on time. As cities get bigger and traffic gets even more snarled, we find that the happy little calm spell in the afternoon regarding traffic is slowly being eaten up. How to get through it and still keep your calm? Many swear by OnStar, the nifty software that is built into many new cars these days. It isn’t free, but many say it is worth every penny they spend. If your business relies on your sales staff for expanding the business it might be a smart investment.

Getting Social

These days you can’t even consider launching any kind of marketing plan without including social media, or even making it the center of your online marketing plan. For small businesses, it is social media’s pull that gives them a bit more of an even playing field against competition with deeper pockets. But organizing it can be a headache unless you use one of the several great platforms designed to have you do all your social media marketing from one place. Software companies like Buffer and Hootsuite can be key in getting this important marketing tool off the ground.

Inbox Wrangler

One of the real banes of any entrepreneur is their inbox. It seems to fill up right before our eyes with email that needs to be read, noted, sorted and sometimes even acted upon. But what if you could organize the vast majority of it before you even had to look at it? That is where the king of inbox management Outlook comes into play. While not a new idea, after all it has been a part of most office software suites for quite a few years now, it hasn’t always been top of mind for small businesses. It should be, because we all spend way too much time in our inbox, sorting out what we need to pay attention to and how much of it is simple FYI stuff. That can all wait, and it will if you use this handy tool.