Clenbuterol Should Be Taken With Right Dosage to Get Maximum Benefit

Clenbuterol Should Be Taken With Right Dosage to Get Maximum Benefit

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Clenbuterol has an array of uses. People suffering from asthma get good relief from this drug. Also, those who want to control their weight or build their body find this drug to be very useful. By taking the right dosage, athletes can improve their performance and can become more productive.

By following right schedule and also right amount, you can get the right solution for your ailments. The dosages for men and women are also different due to their biological difference.

If you are using this drug for asthma then you must take a dose prescribed to you by your Doctor. Also, dosage schedule for clenbuterol will be very much different, if you want to use it as weight loss supplement. For weight loss, a starting dose of 40 mcg is prescribed for men whereas it is only 20 mcg for women. Usually, it is suggested to start with small dose in order to build up your body tolerance. One dose of clenbuterol could produce metabolic improvement up to 6 weeks. The effect gradually fades away as the 6-week period draws closer.

This drug is also available in liquid form

People who have difficulty in swallowing pill can get this drug in liquid form too. The same dosage will also be applicable for liquid form.

The dosage of the drug will also vary from person to person as their physical health will also be taken into consideration. It is important that the person taking this drug must regularly consult their doctor who can monitor their condition regularly.  Clenbuterol is considered to be a very powerful stimulant. Hence, it can be dangerous if proper care is not taken about the dosage.

How to decide the dosage

As already mentioned based on physical health of a person the amount of drug will be prescribed to them. Similarly, the dosage will also vary according to their sex as metabolic function of men and women are different. Also their upper respiratory condition needs to be monitored properly. Initially, everyone is given small dosage, which is gradually increased depending upon the progress of the individual. Once the right dosage is determined by the doctor then same will be maintained.

When the patient shows signs of improvement in their condition then dosage is decreased and finally stopped. It is important that people get best advantage of this supplement without any side effects.