Pros & cons associated with the Honda City Automatic Cars

Pros & cons associated with the Honda City Automatic Cars

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With already 5 million units already been sold, Hond City cars are ruling the Indian roads. For the majority of the car owners, this car is the for its robust strength, great performance and aesthetic interior & exterior. These cars promise you the best value for your money and hence, if you are looking for a perfect sedan, you will hardly have a better choice than this car. This article shall discuss and the pros and cons in this car.

The pros in Honda City Cars

Loaded with luxurious features: Honda has loaded the cars of this series with luxurious features and several competitors of this brand are trying to match these points. The latest version comes with features like rear AC vents, sunroof, climate control mechanism, reversing camera as well as keyless access and exit features.

Perfect mileage: another feature that makes these cars the most sought-after is the mileage that these cars produce. No matter you are opting for the Honda city automatic diesel or you are going for the petrol version, you can expect for equally delightful performance from these cars.

Extended storage space: this car offers you extended boot space that makes the car suitable for carrying big as well as heavy luggages. This is one such aspect that make the Honda City Car a perfect family vehicle.

What are the cons with this car?

Issues with the engine: The car does not carry a premium engine: the biggest lacuna is definitely with the engine. The car adopts a backdated version of the engine. Considering the fact that Honda positions this car as a premium Sedan, the car should have definitely got high-functional and robust engine.

Excessively lightweight: in the opinion of the a segment of users who have tried  driving this car, the car is excessively lightweight. This factor is significantly affecting the drive, making  it vulnerable to various threats, especially if the roads are not in the perfect condition. This lightness may give an impression that the car is not that robust, compared with the cars from the competing brands. If Honda desires to live up to the competition, this is one area where in needs to work upon.

As nothing under the sun is absolutely perfect, it is obvious that there will be lacuna, in parallel to the benefits that this car features. Hence, you can certainly opt for this car with confidence and Honda never gives you the chances to regret for your decision.


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