Stainless Pipe Cutting

Stainless Pipe Cutting

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Stainless is a combination of multiple metal alloys with regards to rust resistance. The primary component is a combination of a minimum of 12% chromium. When coupled with Oxygen it forms a passive film layer resistant against rust and stains.

Stainless pipe consists of a nonferrous metal. This will make the tube hard to cut and drill with conventional tools. Different pipe grades and thicknesses increase these difficulties.

Cutting Stainless Pipes

When stainless pipe cutters speak to a stainless tube it hardens thus which makes it hard to cut. When the stainless tube over heats while cutting the tube may discolor or even distort the pipe.

Steps To Chop Stainless Pipe Straight and Burr-Free

Conventional, burr-free, straight cuts are accomplished as described below:

1. Cut the stainless pipe

2. Utilizing a bench grinder stone wheel de-burr the pipe

3. With wire wheel on bench grinder clean the perimeters from the tube

4. Sand the tube having a sander until its flat

5. Clean having a wire wheel

6. TIG weld it to another pipe

Repeating a few of the above steps might be needed to make certain the cut is flat and burr free. Very time intensive.

Cutting Stainless Pipes – Two Suggested Methods

Orbital Pipe Saw

Orbital pipe saw is really a suggested approach to cut and bevel stainless pipes. The blades are small, rotate at high-speed, affordable, and obtainable in different versions for various materials and wall thicknesses.

Cutting is performed by by hand rotating the device housing all over round the pipe. Next, having a circular toothed blade, the pipe is cut having a single rotation. The cutting action takes just a few seconds and finish outcome is an upright and clean cut.

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