Testosterone and mucuna pruriens

Testosterone and mucuna pruriens

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Chronic low testosterone levels are the common issue found in men today all over the world. This is the main issue even faced in Australian men. The reasons behind this issue are poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, ineffective stress management, lacking hydration and many other reasons which are behind causing low testosterone levels in men.

Many of the men suffering from this issue are going for TRTs or testosterone replacement therapy. This can be done through injections, tablets and creams and in many other ways. But TRTs have a common complaint that they cause lot of side effects. Some of the side effects include stroke, cancer, loss of vision, and it can even lead to coma.

Many researchers have performed a double-blind study. Velvet bean or mucuna pruriens acts in a different way to increase testosterone levels. The hormone called prolactin is suppressed. Through this it can encourage the testosterone production. But long-term use of mucuna pruriens for enhancing testosterone levels is yet to be studied.

Long term use of L-dopa can cause few side effects. But there are no side effects reported by its short term use. But at high dose there are possibilities that L-dopa may result in negative effects.


Many studies on mucuna pruriens have shown that it exhibits antiosidant, antidiabetic, antivenom, antimicrobial, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, and lipid enhancing properties. Some of the benefits of mucuna pruriens include,

  • Many of the skin issues can be treated using mucuna pruriens. Some of them are psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis
  • This can be very effective in the treatment of depression and it even exhibits mood lifting properties
  • It can be used in severely stressed individuals. It helps them by decreasing their cortisol levels
  • Mucuna pruriens can support dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine by regulating catecholamine levels
  • It is very effective in treating poisonous bites of snakes. The reason behind this is it can negate the effects caused by cardiotoxins and cytotoxins. Even in olden days it was in use for this purpose
  • Human growth hormone can be enhanced by using mucuna pruriens extracts
  • Mucuna pruriens is very effective in many of the androgenic issues like alopecia, low T. It can be helpful even in the reduction of gynecomastia and in the treatment of hyperprolactinemia
  • It can help in neutralizing worms especially parasitic worms which are hosted inside gastrointestinal system
  • This will help in the reduction of oxidative stress damages
  • ROS or reactive oxygen species can be scavenged using mucuna pruriens.

Most of the studies conducted on mucuna pruriens involved animals but not humans. There is a need for human involved clinical trials to prove all these effects of mucuna pruriens extract.

Mucuna pruriens is also known as dopa beans or velvet beans. In Australia the products of this extracts are usually not sold in local food stores. It is available online sold by many retails. Still one cannot import raw seeds of mucuna into Australia. This is banned. But if they are in the form of dietary supplements then there is no ban on importing.