Things to Check before Choosing a Self-Storage near You

Things to Check before Choosing a Self-Storage near You

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  • Homeowners often rely on self-storage services to store their belongings and valuables. If your house is crammed with too many things, or you need to downsize your current apartment, it is best to keep the extra stuff with such services. Storage services offer units/containers to customers, mostly individuals and businesses, for a fixed price each month. The renting options are extremely flexible, and you can choose a service for as many months as required. Before you choose a self storage near you, don’t miss these essential facts.
  • Firstly, consider the space required and the access frequency. For example, if you need to store a car that will be used every weekend, it makes no sense to choose a distant service. Many companies do have multiple facilities in the same city, so finding a nearby option isn’t hard.

  • Don’t fall for lucrative discount ads. Even the best services offer a rebate on initial bookings, which is always an advantage, but you should be looking for a reliable name that can be trusted for keeping your essentials.
  • Check the facilities in person. Are the premises well sorted for security? Does the company ensure video and manual surveillance? Do they ensure complete protection against pests, critter and mold? Instead of relying on verbal claims, paying a visit is always recommended.
  • Consider taking insurance. If you are storing your car or expensive belongings, it is best to consider a special policy for the individual unit. Despite the best efforts of the service provider, thefts and damages do happen at storage facilities. Insurance will reduce the extent of damages, if any.

  • If you are new to self-storage, you might want to check the terms and conditions in detail. Also, consider the business hours of the service, especially if you want frequent access to the unit. Some services do offer additional facilities, such as individual alarms and climate control features, which may increase the cost of the rental unit. Consider more facilities, although you can choose to shift from one unit to another later, as well.

Finally, make sure that you check their customer support. A good company should be accessible on phone and email and should have a quick response rate. If required, they must be willing to offer updates and other offers, as well. You can also ask for a few client references for knowing their market value. Check for self-storage quotes now!

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