Top 5 T-Shirt Design Trends 2017

Top 5 T-Shirt Design Trends 2017

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With the new year comes not only the new resolutions, but also new lifestyle, new trends, styles and designs. It’s not that the trend suddenly appears or disappears, but it actually starts gradually and then suddenly it is all over and then slowly fizzles out.

T-shirts are worn by both the sexes. Let’s see what the top 5 t-shirt design trends in 2017 are.

Cartoon Tees: They are back with a bang. Kids, teenagers and those who are young at heart are going for these cartoon characters printed T-shirts. You will find kids making their parents buy Spiderman t-shirt in India. These cartoon t-shirts are fun, full of excitement and humorous.

Graphic Tees: Another t-shirt that continues to be the belle of the ball in this year is the graphic tee. These statement-making t-shirts are totally versatile in nature. That’s the reason they can be teamed up with jeans and sneakers or with velvet suits, skirts or dresses.

Gothic Tees: This is the new black in the year 2017. The concept of using the elements of mystery to create designs that instantly grab the attention of people has made these t-shirts much sought after. The designs can be of some mythical sea creatures, skeletons, ancient seascapes, vintage typography, pirate skulls etc.

Flowery Tees: These are always in trend because of their freshness and vibrancy and the year 2017 is no different. They appeal to both the sexes and have a certain romantic appeal in them. Often people like to wear them in casual surroundings. These t-shirts often have the photo-real images of flowers, some botanical typography, blurry blooms etc.

Nature Tees: The year also saw t-shirts that were inspired by nature. Unlike flowery t-shirts, they have natural textures in earthy prints that bring a feeling of calmness and peace. These are liked by young and old alike.

A person wears clothes according to his/her taste and personality. There are many trends going on in t-shirts and the one you wear will definitely define your taste and choice.

Bio: The author Rishikesh Banerjee is in the fashion designing industry for a long time now and understands the trends and styles very well.

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